About Us

Che Delizia is a brand belonging to CTR Food & Catering, a company established in 1999 thanks to the passion for good Italian food and who has been working in the high quality catering industry for 30 years.
CTR Company has grown maintaining the spirit of a family farm and specializing in the preparation of ready, fresh and frozen meals for a balanced and tasteful diet.
Our passion is supported by the strong commitment of the family and by the high level of skills of our staff.
A constantly sought quality which you can enjoy in every course.

Quality and Advantages

Jobs, appointments and being always in a rush only allow you few moments to have healthy meals prepared with quality ingredients?
Che Deliziais your most trusted ally, thanks to our products directly from Italian cooking tradition, which are realized with the same care and passion of home - made products.
Our preparations are the most practical and healthy choice, in order to not giving up to eating Italian tastes rich of quality and authenticity. Choose within the worthy specialties of a great chef. Our products are realized thanks to the unique passion and knowledge of whom, like us, care for Italian home-cooked taste.

C.T.R. Food & Catering Srl